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You may have noticed we emphasize the word "listen" throughout our website. We do this because, over the many years of our professional experience, we learned that the primary reason a client becomes unhappy with an architect is because that architect does not listen to what the client is telling them. And we want our clients to be happy. With us. And with the buildings we design for them.

So you will find that, initially, you will be doing a lot of the talking, while we ask questions and…listen.

As important as our listening is, even more improtant is the quality of the professional service we provide you. Service that provides you with reliable information on what and how to build, superior documents to build with, and attentive concern for your interests.

What we work on...


Project Types:

Home: Custom homes, estates, farms, town homes. New construction, remodeling and additions.

Work: Office buildings and complexes; Retail centers and shops; Wineries and Agritourism facilities; Mixed-use projects; Veterinary clinics and hospitals; Medical and healthcare facilities.

Community: Churches, monasteries, rectories; Schools, athletic facilities.


Project Administration and Management Services

Evaluation and Planning Services

Design and Documentation Services

Bidding or Negotiation Services

Contract Administration Services

Facility Administration Services.

Design Protocols:

Building Information Modeling (BIM)



Universal Design

Resilient Design

Principal Architect


As he has for over thirty years, John Gorman applies critical analysis and problem solving skills to devise creative building solutions for clients across a wide range of projects worth over $175 million dollars in construction costs to date. From strategic planning to operational implementation, he excels in all the phases of a project, from initial conception through final delivery.


Graduate of the University of Virginia School of Architecture.