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"Local architect John Gorman, whom the church tapped for the project, assurred the monastery's nearest neighbors that its design, even the 13 space parking lot, will not disrupt the neighborhood in any significant way. Judging from the applause at the end of his presentation, the roughly 30 neighbors who attended the meeting came away satisfied."

Matthew Deegan, 1-12-2010

C-Ville Review

Community institutions form the social infrastructure of your society. Like all infrastructure, it should be built to last but, most importantly, to fulfill the purpose of the institution.

Succesful institutional buildings address the diverse needs and aspirations of the community they serve. To do this you need an architect who can evaluate and synthesize these often conflicting desires into an integrated, functional, viable design that sustains the community's efforts for years to come.

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"…Gorman designed and managed construction of my home…and they are currently completing work on a major addition to the house. Gorman Architects has been very effective in working with its clients to achieve design goals while remaining within budget constraints. They developed innovative solutions to the design challenge of custom structures while helping ensure builders meet budget, schedule and quality goals."

Richard H.


You spend considerable time and effort making a house into a home. Your home.

When planning a new home, addition or remodel, you want an architect who adopts your goals for your project as theirs. And designs to achieve those goals, in an affordable, reliable, beautiful way. Your way.

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"Gorman Architects’ service was exemplary. At all times, you and your team were responsive to our requests. You provided clear and detailed information to help us make critical decisions. Your work was thorough, comprehensive and reliable. If a person wants a building that exhibits outstanding design and can be built in a competitive marketplace, Gorman Architects proved to me that they deliver."

Edward R. Schonberg

Partner, PSP Ventures L.L.C.

Your building should work as hard for your business as you do.

Change in business is constant and any building built for business must to be able to adapt to change. Your facility can't be a straight jacket, locking you into one possible "solution" to the exclusion of all others. We work with you and your staff to analyze likely business scenarios for your company and devise building strategies that can adapt to the widest range of likely outcomes. Instead of a straight jacket, you'll get loose fitting athletic wear.

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